RHS History Teacher Amanda Lanigan – a published author! Go Dogs!

DRR Edition of UN MGCY SPI Publication – FINAL (1) (1)

Congratulations to Social Science/History teacher Ms. Amanda Lanigan on being published by the United Nations Major Group for Children & Youth.  Ms. Lanigan was published in the The Disaster Risk Reduction Edition of the Youth Science-Policy Interface Publication. Along with Founder and CEO of Worthy Village (and Rockland High School graduate) she published an article entitled “Empowering Local Actors to Build Disaster Resilience.” Below is the abstract:


One of the greatest challenges in building disaster resilience is creating sustainable solutions that fit within the cultural norms of a local population. The Sendai Framework provides a method through which high-risk areas can be identified to cultivate preparedness for future catastrophic events. In an effort to follow the “Build Back Better” model, this proposal calls for the mobilization of local actors within cultural norms. In order to develop increased coping capacity, this model focuses on specifically vulnerable segments of the population, namely impoverished women in indigenous communities. By improving the resiliency of basic service infrastructures such as food and water security, health, and education, this method seeks to improve sustainability and decrease mortality. This method was introduced in Guatemala, a nation with limited coping capacity due to the prevalence of risk drivers such as climate change, environmental degradation, poverty and inequality, poorly planned urbanization, and weak governance.

Article is attached on p. 91

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